FUSE Biometric Card


FUSE Biometric Card
Fuse combines the security of biometric authentication with the speed and convenience of contactless credentials. The Fuse Access Card is a versatile fingerprint-activated contactless card working seamlessly with an existing Mifare Classic, Desfire EV2 and iClass SEOS (V2) technologies without upgrading or replacing any readers or backend systems. Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allow communication with a reader.

• Unique to the cardholder, only the card owner can activate card communication with the reader
• Addresses unauthorised card use and eliminates threat of lost cards
• Enhance security with intuitive biometric authentication, without upgrading any readers
• Compatible with Mifare Classic, Desfire EV2 and iClass SEOS infrastructure
• On-Card fingerprint touch sensor with 3D capacitive technology for superior imaging
• Compliant with GDPR regulations, privacy concerns eliminated with on card biometric data storage

Fuse Access Cards are configured, programmed and charged by a companion device, Fuse Manager Lite.


Description Variant Product number
Biometrics Access control card Mifare Classic FID-MC-G1-V1
Mifare Desfire Ev2 FID-EV2-G1-V1
HID iClass SEOS FID-iC-G1-V1
Power Source Re-chargeable lithium battery
Form Factor ISO 7810 – ID1
Dimensions L85.60 × W53.98 × H0.78 mm
Operational Frequency 13.56 MHz
Supported RF Transponders Mifare® Classic, DESFire EV2™ , , HID iClass SEOS
Construction Available materials: PVC, PET, ABS etc. Surface options: gloss, matt
Operating Temperature (-20° to 40° C) (-4° to 104° F)
Storage Temperature (0°-25° C) (32F to 77F)
Status Indicators Green & Red LED lights
Fingerprint Enrolment Direct on card
Fingerprint Sensor Capacitive touch
Fingerprint Processing Time Less than a second
Users Per Card 1
Printing / Card Personalization Printable in R-79 compatible card printers,
Adhesive labels (i.e. HID-1324GAV11), Laser Engraving

ISO 7810 Biometric Access Control Card – Datasheet Version 1 FUSE Identities


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