Kodit Digest #2

Why choose Zwipe!

If you needed any kind of reassurance of how Biometrics is changing the Access Control market….

One thing we can agree on is times are changing. Kodit are committed on providing you with the most innovative and secure authentication technology. Zwipe make this possible with the biometric access card.

In this video we see the the Managing Director of Nexus Norway, Jon Land. He tells us how the technology has changed the way they view security within there company. He also mentions how some of the old access technologies we use are venerable to hacking, leaving companies that require a high level of security targeted.

We want to help you understand just how easy it is to upgrade to biometrics with out updating any infrastructure you already have. Take a look around our website, and get in touch. If you needed any more evidence of how it changing the Market, Just watch this………