Kodit Digest #1

Morning readers!

In light of our nationwide security crisis, weather it be cyber security hacking or lack of fire detection. Now more than ever it’s important to make our customers aware of what is available to them. I’m not talking about sales here. I’m talking about a duty bound customer service in our industry sector. It’s about making our customer feel safe, it’s about not cutting corners with installations.

Resent studies have shown that 43% of customers don’t actually know how to check how there security products are working properly. This is across the board too guys, We’re not just looking at smoke detectors but all installations. Is their CCTV set up correctly? Would they know how to override a automated gate in the event of power loss? Do they have any issues with there access control system? Etc.. I know it sounds like simple advice, but these are the things our customers should know.

So what can you do? Set aside some time to call or email your customers. Be tactful, you don’t want to scare your customers if they think something is wrong. Customer service is vital in the growth and sustainability of our companies, but not only that it’s a duty of care, we’re not heartless.


Jack Reyner.

Director of Kodit Security UK Ltd